What we do?

We are a cloud-based software that focuses on improving the consumer's experience through queue management, digital signage, appointment scheduling and analytical reporting. We specialize in integrating the most efficient, convienent and effective products to help boost and individualize each consumer's  journey. 

Our Team

We are a dynamic team of 35 passionate developers, technical support specialists, product leaders, and QA. We are united by one common goal -- revolutionizing CX.

With over ten years of experience our cloud-based queue management system lets everyone to know exactly when, how and what they’re supposed to be doing.

Our Services

Appointment Scheduling

Utilize the appointment scheduling feature to organize your customers in-person and video calling experience and build customer connections from anywhere.

Waitlist Management

The viritual waitlist system that displays the real time waitlist, live notifications and customizable messages tailored to each individual customer.

Digital Signage

Use your branch's TV to display an easy to manage digital platform to enhance the customer service, provide information and share branch information.

Queue Management

Integrate our queue management system easily to any kiosks or paperless tablet, also very easy to install with QR codes or App Play Store.

Time-saving Automation

Manage your customers expectations at multiple branches with a time-saving automation that is easy to customize, track, and efficiency boosting.

Stats and Analytics

Start measuring all the insights to help benefit your customer's journey through monitoring and analyizing waiting times, peak hours, staff efficiency and more.

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