Frequently Asked Questions

What's a QMS?

A Queue Management System (QMS) is a set of tools designed to manage and analyze the flow of visitors in a business. It aims to control customer flow and streamline the queuing experience, benefiting not only the customers but also the staff and management of the business.

The QMS is primarily a system that ensures that customers get served in the right order, but it also manages the customer’s waiting experience throughout their entire journey, from pre-service to post-service. The solution can contain either or both software and hardware that help businesses to facilitate the customer’s access to service, to plan and manage customer flow and staff, and to gather data to improve the customer experience.

What are waitlists?

It’s a virtual waitlist app and queue management platform that can be customized to work for any business. It allows customers to line up virtually using their phone and get notified via text message when it’s their turn

What's an Appointment Scheduling software?

It allows customers to choose when and where they meet with staff in a few clicks, and provides reports and insights to help businesses understand traffic trends, staff productivity and the customer journey.